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Endoscopic Spine Academy Courses

Endoscopic Spine Academy (ESA) is the first organization with a comprehensive online training program available 24 hours a day

Lumbar Facet Syndrome Surgery Course

Course #1 in the series guides you through the process of Lumbar Facet Debridement & Rhizotomy for Facet Syndrome.

Thoracic Facet Syndrome Surgery Course

Course #3 in the series guides you through the process of a Thoracic Facet Debridement and Rhizotomy for Facet Syndrome.

Cervical Foraminotomy Surgery Course

Course #5 in the series guides you through the process and procedures associated with an Endoscopic Cervical Foraminotomy surgery.

Cervical Facet Syndrome Surgery Course

Course #2 in the series guides you through the process of a Cervical Facet Debridement and Rhizotomy for Facet Syndrome.

Transforaminal Discectomy Course

Course #4 guides you through the process of a Transforaminal Facet Debridement and Rhizotomy for Facet Syndrome.

Transforaminal 2

This course will demonstrate how to use the lumbar transforaminal approach to address 3 problems in the Foraminal Canal: Bony Foraminal Stenosis, Foraminal disc ….

1-Day Lab Intensive

Practice the procedure side by side with Dr. Tony Mork after completing one of the ESA courses. It is highly recommended to take the ESA Lab Intensive to ensure confidence.

Endoscopic spine surgery courses that teach you the skills you need and also elevate your confidence.

Endoscopic Spine Academy is a series of courses designed to establish a pathway for the pain management doctor to follow to become an endoscopic specialist.

Each course is comprised of 9 modules and designed to elevate your confidence by showing you all the details necessary to perform an endoscopic procedure. These details are never revealed in company courses or meetings, but are very necessary for you to get going and succeed.

These details are the CPT codes for your office staff, pick sheets for your operating room, your facility needs in terms of consent, equipment, room setup and anesthesia requirements. We even include a video that demonstrates the ideal positioning of the endoscope. When you have this information at your fingertips, your resistance to doing these cases will be reduced considerably, even if you haven’t done one in a while. Module 6 in each course shows a detailed video of a surgical procedure that you can review as often as you like.

Learn Visually

Each course comes with video of the procedure being performed.

Module 6 of each course is a video recorded live of the actual procedure being performed. Along with the procedure video we provide video documentation of the instruments and anesthesia as well as the positioning of the endoscope.


If you have any questions or concerns we have some frequently asked questions we’ve answered here.

Have additional questions? Feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have as well as alleviate any concerns.

Can pain management doctors learn endoscopic spine surgery ?

The simple answer is yes. There is very little difference between a 16 gauge needle (1.6 mm) and a 7 mm endoscope for purposes of placement.

Are there any requirements before starting ESA?

The only requirement necessary before signing up for an ESA course is that you have a medical license if you are practicing in the United States.

After completing the courses will I need additional training?

If you have successfully completed several endoscopic procedures, it is possible that the online course might be enough for you to do a case. If you haven’t done many endoscopic procedures, or are unfamiliar with the local anatomy, a Lab Intensive Course is recommended.

Is insurance coverage easy to get for a pain management doctor doing endoscopic procedures outside of the spinal canal ?

Yes it is.

Will I receive official certification?

Upon successful completion of a Lab Intensive, you will receive a certificate of observation and certification that will qualify for 8 CME credits as well.

Who are the courses for?

These courses are intended for medical doctors interested in the endoscopic treatment of back and neck pain. This includes neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and pain management doctors (anesthesiologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation)

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Why not be the first in your area to offer a cure for pain instead of managing it? The Opioid Crisis insures that government and insurance companies will continue to apply pressure against using narcotics to manage pain. More importantly, patients want a “cure” not management of their pain. Patients don’t want a fusion and are searching for alternatives. One great alternative for you and your patients is endoscopic spine surgery. These courses are a great way to provide you with positive options.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Courses

Courses that teach you how to take your practice from managing back and neck pain, to curing it with surgery so minimally invasive it’s usually an out-patient procedure.

1-Day lab Intensive (Includes Course)

When you complete the course, you’ll have the option of scheduling a one-day practicum with me to learn endoscopic spine surgery on a cadaver.

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