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Endoscopic Spine Surgery can address 85-90% of the conditions that cause pain in the spine. Endoscopic Spine Academy is the most comprehensive course that teaches the techniques to treat those conditions.

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Dr. Tony Mork, MD – Founder of Endoscopic Spine Academy

Hi I’m Dr Tony Mork, endoscopic spine specialist. I was a knee and shoulder surgeon for my first 16 years of practice before going 100% spine in 1998. I bought my first Wolf transforaminal tray with a YESS scope in 2001. I have a 100% endoscopic spine practice and have never performed a fusion – there are better ways to cure back pain. 

It’s my belief that endoscopic spine surgery is the best way to cure spine pain that arises from several problems. The reality is that endoscopic spine surgery can address 85-90% of the problems that cause spine pain. ESS can take care of that huge group of patients that don’t respond to pain management, but don’t need a fusion or disc replacement.

I also believe that the practice of endoscopic spine surgery is building like a wave that will cure back pain so a fusion won’t even be considered. 

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of meeting people at various points along the the journey and they have been very generous with their knowledge and skills. I know that I could never have gotten to where I am now without their help.

Dr. Mork Developed A Cure For Facet Syndrome and Most Cases of Annular Tears with Endoscopic Procedures

Over the years, Dr. Tony Mork was able to combine state-of-the-art endoscopic equipment with some basic science to develop a “cure” for facet syndrome and annular tears in many cases. The procedure and results were published in a paper he co-authored in the International Journal of Medical Sciences in 2010.

ESA Can teach you to CURE painful conditions of the spine.

Is it even possible to CURE pain in the spine? I believe the answer to this question is -Yes. 

There are many painful spine conditions that can be cured with endoscopic spine surgery. These conditions include lumbar, thoracic, cervical facet syndrome as well as annular tears. These are the conditions that have been “managed” temporarily in the past by using ablation, injections or medications. However, endoscopic spine surgery can permanently eliminate or considerably reduce the pain from these conditions.

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What Separates ESA from other Endoscopic Spine Surgery Courses?

Traditional corporate and organizational meetings have pitfalls that ESA avoids.


Do you ever go to a meeting and come home with a new skill set?

I’ve attended several and taught many. While valuable in the informational sense, there are a few common problems with using a corporate or organizational meeting to learn a new skill set. 

Laser Focus on a Single Procedure

There are a wide variety of people with vastly different experiences that show up at meetings or courses, so numerous topics must be presented to accommodate various levels of experience. There just isn’t enough time to present a topic from A-Z. This means that you can spend thousands of dollars for a meeting, take off the time to travel and attend, and still not come home with a new, accessible skill set. Corporate offerings are great but often try to show too much without a guided pathway from easy to difficult.

Experienced Instructors

We’ve all heard it, “see one, do one, teach one”. You also know that the level of instruction is very different from one person to another and between the instructor who has done 10 cases or the fellow with1000 cases over 20 years. The intricate details of a procedure can be the difference between average and great outcomes.

Billing & Dictation

You and your office must have a clear idea of the correct billing codes and financial expectations of a surgical procedure before investing in equipment, not to mention your time. The correct dictation has a big effect on reimbursement too.

Facility & Equipment Info

There is nothing worse than showing up for a procedure and then not knowing how to properly set the room up or not having a critical piece of equipment. Your facility relies on you to provide them with your needs and the optimal set up. We provide you with the information they need.

Online Course Accessible 24/7

How many times have you been to a course or meeting and learned something that you wanted to try back at home? However, by the time you saw that particular problem in the office, too much time had passed and you didn’t remember all the details of a particular procedure, so you never implemented it. Wouldn’t an online course that you could access 24/7 be nice?

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