Be a Trailblazer in the Industry

Guy with neck pain

Whether you just started your practice or have been around a long time, patients love to see one thing. They want to see that you are doing something NEW. 

This creates a sense of forward motion that people are attracted to. Your patients want to be treated with new and innovative procedures. Your colleagues and referral sources will be curious to see what you are doing too.

You don’t have to do anything more than send an email to your list of patients already in your office to let people know what you are doing. 

Whether you use paid advertising or just want to distinguish yourself online, telling people that you are now doing endoscopic spinal surgery, will distinguish you and your practice.

Keep in mind…people remember the first person to do something. That’s why you know who Roger Bannister and Chuck Yeager are, they were the first to run a sub-four-minute mile or break the speed of sound. 

People in your area will not remember the second doctor in your area doing endoscopic spine surgery, they will remember the first. It’s a little like making a first impression, you only have one time to do it.


Others may follow you, but you will be the one they remember.