Transition your practice to curing pain instead of managing it.

Guy with neck pain

I have lots of friends who are pain management doctors and I hear one common frustration. They are tired of being a “prescription practice”. 

This is a two-pronged problem. 

One, a “prescription practice” is no longer a viable option in the midst of the recent “opioid crisis”.

The second is a gradual sense of frustration and fatigue when you are unable to cure pain. This feeling of fatigue will eventually seep into all areas of your life and have you looking to retire as soon as you can. 

Imagine that you could offer a “cure” to the patients in your practice for certain common problems. It is exhilarating to the point of making you look forward to going to work each day, knowing that you can offer a “cure” for certain problems that the fellowship spine surgeon has no interest in treating, without a fusion. 

The ability to “cure” pain will have you looking through your patient population to find these common problems that you can offer a “cure” for instead of looking for ways to retire earlier. This transformation of purpose to “cure instead of manage” can add enthusiasm to your day and longevity to your career.