Why not you, why not now?

Guy with neck pain

The fact is that endoscopic spine surgery is a movement that is gaining momentum and your patients are going to start demanding it. Why not be ready when they do?

This is not some fad. Endoscopy and arthroscopy are the mainstays of treatment of all parts of the body, and the spine will follow. There have been a lot of powerful forces at work to keep endoscopic spine surgery out of the mainstream, but the demand will not let this continue.

Endoscopic spine surgery represents an alternative to fusions that are performed way too often and aren’t really that great of a solution to back pain.


Who else can offer permanent pain relief from facet syndrome?


Unfortunately, facet syndrome cannot be diagnosed by any imaging study. The diagnosis is made by a positive response to facet blocks and I don’t know of any spine surgeons doing their own diagnostic facet blocks. This leaves the diagnosis and permanent treatment in your hands. 


If you’re still wondering what place you have in the endoscopic treatment of spine pain, remember how the cardiologists started with post op care of open-heart surgery patients. Their role was limited till they picked up a balloon catheter and then slowly but surely now do about 80% of all cardiac care. The same will be true for pain management doctors who take an endoscopic approach to spine pain. 

Distinguish yourself and your practice. Be an endoscopic spine specialist. The roadmap and guided pathway to success is here.