What The ASC Admin Wants To Know

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What three items does the hospital or ASC administrator want to know ?

When you approach the administrator or director of an ASC or hospital to support your endoscopic spine practice, they will want to know three things. It’s best to know these three things prior to your conversation. The administrator will be coming to the table with a different point of view than you have, they want to know if the procedures that you are interested in will contribute to the financial viability of the facility.

CPT Codes

The first thing to know are the CPT codes for the procedures that you plan to do. This piece of information is critical for the facility. Although there may be some geographical differences, CPT codes predict the reimbursement  for a given procedure. Also keep in mind that these codes can change from year to year in terms of what can be performed in an ASC and what has to be done in a hospital. 

Insurance Mix

The second thing to know is your insurance mix. It is very important to know your percentage of medicare, private insurance, cash patients, and any other groups that you serve. This information is also very important to the administrator to analyze for the financial success of the facility. 

Anticipated Volume

The third thing to know is the anticipated volume of patients in each of the above insurance groups. This is important to know for the administrator for obvious reasons.  


These are the three components that an administrator must know about to make an informed decision about supporting your endoscopic practice. Spend some time getting this information together before you approach the facility administrator and you will find a much more receptive audience for your ideas.


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