Wolf Scopes – Where is this water coming from?

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As a car enthusiast of older cars, I can tell you that a small (and inexpensive) part can cause big problems. In the motor vehicle example, if there is not adequate fuel or electricity reaching the engine, it won’t start and whatever plans you had will be canceled. And the problem can be something very small, like a cold start switch, bad fuse or battery connection, but if you don’t recognize the problem or aren’t prepared with that small part, your trip will never begin. It’s not much different with specialized surgery equipment.  

First off, I really like Richard Wolf endoscopic spine equipment. I love precision construction, like most mechanical things made in Germany that result in flawless performance. But keep in mind that the “flawless performance” can be totally dependent on some small disposable parts that are subject to normal wear.

In this case, there are two small O-rings located on the scope where the connection for the water inflow is located. These don’t wear out too often, but when they do, the case is over, unless you have some extra O-rings. So be sure to have some extras around. The Wolf part number is 9500113.   


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Tony Mork, MD  

Endoscopic Spine Specialist